Polyphasic Sleep Pattern – One Week Past: Crashed!

From having trouble with sleep for a long time now I decided to give Polyphasic Sleep a try – an alternation of Everyman – and this is my rundown of the first week that has passed.

START: Sunday (4th) was the start day after having decided to go for 4 hours of sleep plus two 25 minutes of nap-time. This Sunday I started with the naps, one at midnight and one at four am. After I came home from work the following Monday afternoon I was hammered and went for bed to get my 4 hours of sleep. I did oversleep, sadly, and got roughly 5 hours. That meant my planned nap for midnight Monday through Tuesday never happened and I ended up with only one 25 minute nap at four am.

TUESDAY: The workday during Tuesday went better than previous day although I was a little fuzzy and had issues with concentration and there was like this blurry outline of the surrounding environment, like I had a circle around me at about 30 foot radius beyond which I could not clearly see. From moments to moments time seemed to get slower. It was never a big problem, just an observation. Once again when I got home from work I went to bed at four pm to have my 4 hours of sleep. This time I woke early, just having slept for 3 hours and 20 minutes. I did however manage to fall asleep again and get my full 4 hours.

WEDNESDAY: So, night between Tuesday and Wednesday: no midnight nap. However I have had a longer powernap of 40 minutes from 3:30 am. This is a change I did. Instead of going for two 25 minutes I now push for one 40 minute nap. I feels like that is what my body wants. One observation I had this day was lack of orientation of time and day. When I woke from my 4 hours sleep it felt like Wednesday but in reality it was still Tuesday. My energy levels for the day was decent.

THURSDAY: After what I thought of a success with the longer powernap I decided to go for it once again. Wednesday after work I did go to sleep as previous days and later have a 40 minutes nap at 3:30 am. I felt fine throughout the entire Thursday up until sleep time again, when I got home from work at 4 pm. But here’s where it got completely off track. I crashed! I did go for my sleep but I never woke after my 4 hours of sleep.

FRIDAY: Yes I did crash when I went for Thursdays sleep and I woke up Friday evening, at 7 pm and missed my entire workday. I have done this before, sleeping pass an entire workday. This new sleeping schedule was so I could work around it – learn to sleep less and stop getting late for work or as it sometimes goes: miss an entire work day. Now my entire sleep schedule is off track. Again!

WHAT’S NEXT? I honestly have no idea. Sure I could just get back at it. See this as a set back and just keep pushing forward in my attempt to have a better sleeping schedule. I could use the weekend to manage sleep time. Now it’s 11 pm so in theory I can still have my nap at 3:30 and power through Saturday. But yea, I am confused and not sure how to really deal with this whole setback.  I am also confused in the sense of time. I have to think hard on what has happened the past few days, when I did what and hell, even what day it actually is. Everything is kind of a blur, days flow together. It though.

I knew going in to this that first week was going to be hellish. And it have been. From drowsiness to a somewhat functioning mind to messed up perception of time and miss-placing stuff and being just random. I also knew that going in to this I had to power through at least three to four weeks before getting a day with more normal energy levels and solid sleep.

But this huge setback sucks. It kind of blew me back to square one and doing first week again sucks. I’ll be back with updates on this…


Polyphasic Sleep Pattern – Beginning Day 2

Yesterday, or Sunday evening/night to Monday, I decided to give Polyphasic Sleep a try, going with something called Everyman. My sleep will consist of 4 hours sleep and 2 naps of 25 minutes per day.

Yesterday was tough and I was super tired at work and when I got home and to bed, as planned, I fell asleep immediately. The bad thing, I slept for more than my 4 hours so now I have skipped my first nap which was supposed to be at 11:30 pm. (it’s now 1.30 am). I guess this has to do with the rough start of this sleep-system. Today when I get home from work I believe I will be less tired and still fall asleep once back in bed. And I have high hopes that I will manage to sleep my goal of 4 hours this time around.

In a couple of hours I have my second nap for the day before I head off to work.

Check my initial post: Polyphasic Sleep Pattern

Polyphasic Sleep Pattern

Inspirerad by the Polyphasic Sleep Pattern I decided to give it a try starting of Sunday the 4th of Mars, 2018. Due to my work schedule being two shifts, every other week daytime (6 am – 3 pm) and evenings (3 pm – 1 am) I had to modify it slightly. I will go for the 4 hours of bulk sleep with two additional 25 minute naps throughout the day. The problem comes during weekends when I have to switch from day to evening or vice versa.

On this particular starting day I decided to go for a 25 minute nap at 11:30 pm and then another one right before work, at work, at 4:30 am. After I come home from work I will get my 4 hours of sleep and then again a nap at 11:30 pm and once before work as previous. This is how I will sleep throughout the week up until the weekend where I will have to find a decent switch to a week of evening work. Not yet sure how to make that switch.

Basically one could say I am going for a Everyman-version of this: 4 hours of major sleep with 2 naps of 25 minutes each.

Why am I doing this? Sleeping has been a problem for me for a long time and I can’t seem to find a decent pattern going. I either sleep to much or to little and therefore I am always somewhat tired and have trouble getting things done. My hope is that this might be a suitable middle ground for me that can work perfectly for me. If I can find a decent way to make the switch during the weekends.

For now I will call this an experiment but if it turns out to work for me, possibly with some alternations, I might stick to it for the long term. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

If you have any experience in similar experiments, please do share them with me in the comments below. I am curious and I surly could need some advice on the matter.

Wish me luck?

My So Called Life

I am bored. Constantly. I lack motivation. Still, ideas are endless. The combination makes me frustrated and constantly tired. I once thought I had a clue of how to get back on track – with life – but all attempts have failed. Not even sure if I can call them attempts, more like a vague thought. I end up wasting my time on pointless activities. Even that word “activities” seems like a exaggeration as I simply do nothing other then just sit in my chair, have some music playing or a podcast on for some background noice while I keep thinking about everything.

Nothing really are what I think they should be.

I go on with my so called life – eat, sleep, show up at work, repeat – and for what? Nothing in my daily life gives me pleasure any longer. There’s one exception: writing. Even if writing is my source of happiness – the feeling of accomplishment as the printer kicks up and starts spitting out pages – I tend to not do it more-so than thinking about how I should be writing.

Simplicity must be my goal to strive for.

I do have come to a conclusion though and that is a fairly simple one: if I get rid of all things that distracts me I will have no other choice than to make do with what I have left – keep writing. Such a thing is easier said than done. Or is it? I want a simple carefree life that goes along in a slow pace starting with the rising sun (and not in the afternoon). I can make that almost happen – working shift – with the earliest morning on “late day” at around 9 am. Yes, regular work is an interference with my writing process but IF writing really is that important to me – meaning to life – then I should seriously work extra hard on making that my prime source of work and not just a short momentary burst-of-inspiration-thing and complain about being to tired from working all day.

A day is more hours than a regular nine-to-five day.

If we go back a couple of years to when I bought this MacBook Air I am writing this post on I did that purposely. Not that I needed a new computer but for the one reason: a work machine to help me stay productive. And I should not have any “entertainment” installed on it. I have kept it that way but the problem comes as I have not stopped turning of my old computer which draws an awful lot of attention and makes me head over to YouTube and Facebook and play simple games and waste time on pointless crap. One step in the direction I am looking for is to disconnect my old machine and stove it away. I really don’t need it.

Making life changing decisions are scary. And tough.

Ultralight Backpacking – Abisko National Park, Sweden

This summer I will head out on a new adventure along with my brother and possibly a friend or two. This time around we will head back to Norway and also partly in Sweden, like last year, but this time there will be a two-part trip unlike last time when we did only biking.

The first part of the trip will be biking between Alta – Nordkap – Alta. I expect  harsh climate even if during summer time with lots of rain and winds and somewhat cold temperatures.

The second part will be backpacking in Abisko National Park for about a week, exact roundtrip is not yet decided but we do know we want it to be for about a week.

When I this winter went on a solo backpacking trip I had troubles with a to heavy backpack along with some bad choices in gear which had me to abort the trip early. Lesson learned I am now heavily focused on lightweight backpacking and since it’s summer this time around my goal is (including camera-system for documentation and three meals a day + snacks for 7 days) is below 12 kilos (26.46 pounds). Although I can have it down to 10 kilos (22 pounds) I will go for the slightly heavier system as it will be more durable. The base weight is 5778 grams (12.74 pounds) as it stands for now.

The choices I dabbled between was ZPacks Solplex versus Hilleberg Enan 1000, that’s roughly 500 grams versus 1200 grams. I already own a Hilleberg and I am happy with it and I know it’s durable. Of what I understand trough watching reviews of ZPacks I am pretty sure a Hilleberg will beat it in durability all year around and protect you way better agains the elements.

When it comes to backpack I will go with Bergans Helium 55L, with Hip belt pockets coming in at 1080 grams in total. The alternative I was considering was ZPacks Arc Blast with belt pockets, 637 grams in total.

If you are curious of the items in my pack, please head over to my LighterPack-list. Please do share your thoughts on my gear-choices, if there’s anything I could improve/change.

Review: I Can Spin A Rainbow by Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel

I’ve been a silent fan of Amanda Palmer for a while, probably since about 2008 where I was introduced to her music (Dresden Dolls) through a friend while studying at the University. I got hooked immediately and when I later found out she was a good person also, a kind women who really connects with her fans I got even more of a fan. Still in silence. I am not the one to shout out stuff like that.

A few weeks ago I got her album – which is co-composed with Edward Ka-Spel – I Can Spin A Rainbow. Yea, I did order the signed one 🙂

My first impression was “wow, this is really different” and reminded me of the first time I heard the album Evelyn Evelyn. Anyhow, I Can Spin A Rainbow is interesting and I am not really sure what the album tries to tell. My guess is a women having a child and becoming a mother? Maybe that’s because she fairly recently became one. But there’s something more to it, something I can not put my finger on or put into words. It’s intriguing and I can’t get enough of it, listening to it over and over again and when I am at work I have it on my mp3-player (yes, I still use one of those).

So what does it sound like? Slow. Almost melancholy. With a wide collection of instruments such as the given piano, drums and strings and what not. Amandas unique voice with the equally unique of Edward is a perfect match. To my ears, this is a perfectly brilliant written and composed album from start to finish. In some ways, even though completely different styles of music, it also reminds me of when I discovered In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel and how I could not stop listen to it. I probably went trough that one a hundred times before I changed music. And now the same seems to be happening with I Can Spin A Rainbow. (when writing 55+ play troughs in addition to the times at work)

If you like story driven albums, this one is definitely one to take a listen to.

Scheduling Tweets with Hootsuite

Lately I’ve been getting up really early to get some writing done before work (start at 6 am) and while I’m doing so I usually have a podcast – most preferable Philosophize This – but occasionally the Twitch-stream Morning Coffee with Barnacules, which I did today. While doing so he mentioned a service giving you the ability to schedule Tweets for Twitter, something I’ve been interested in but never really looked into. Well, he mentioned the service Hootsuite so I went over there to sign up and try it out and at first glance it looks really nice and it’s very simple to get going.

Now, I have once again begun thinking of the old idea of mine to publish a story series on Twitter. Heck, I can now write a bunch of tweets and schedule them to get some kind of consistency in the publishing of them. And with Twitter now supporting 280 characters it’s getting easier for the idea to become a reality.

You can connect other social medias to Hootsuite, like Instagram. I have not yet tried that one out but it seems like you can add images directly from you computer. No need for uploading to the phone… I can probably connect WordPress also but I have no need for that since it has its own built in scheduling thing.

Yea, it seems like a cool software that I can get used to using on a regular basis.