Productivity versus Procrastination

Vacation done a few weeks backs – only had two weeks – and reality with workdays are back. It would have been nice with an additional two weeks, it is what it is. The remaining weeks I will have to use before the end of the year and I’m thinking of taking a week or two in late September/early October and go solo hiking on a trail close to where I live.

One of the most beautiful houses I saw on the trip – Hotel in Åre, a town I really liked.

I thought the two week bicycle trip through Norway was going to be a good reboot of my life, having new energy to get back into all the things I procrastinate – I’m really good at that. So, the trip was awesome and never, despite days with really bad weather and broken legs, I wished or thought of ending it all and go home. I loved it and could have been out for an other two weeks, easily. (I will post a separate post about this trip)

Since I got home I have not done a single thing except going to work, eat, sleep and waste time on Youtube, catching up on all the channels I follow. All this while wishing to be more creative and do all the 1001 things I’d like to do. Well, I have outlined a few more chapters on a novel I’m writing on and started writing the first chapter – a slow process due to my lack of discipline.

Yesterday I went over my Moleskine planner and added a few activities: cooking food; time for writing; cleaning and the likes and so forth. I have done this before, many times but this time around I aim to keep it on a weekly basis, other than regular work, and fairly simple giving me lots of room to do nothing. Normally I over plan my days so there’s no room for relaxation. My overall goal in life right now is to reach simplicity – a stress free simple life, and there’s a plan for how to reach parts of it (yet again, I will write a post about this).

I basically struggle with all normal life’s daily activities – cleaning, doing dishes, cooking food, wash myself, sleep regular etcetera – and this shit is bringing me down and keep me from relaxing and being creative in the ways I’d like to. Yea, it’s a struggle and I don’t know where it comes from or how to really get rid of it. Psychology is complicated stuff…


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