5 years with WordPress

Woke up to a notification saying I’ve been on on WordPress for five years today. Does not feel like it. Although I have written many hundreds of posts throughout that time (most no longer available here) I have not really gathered a good follow base, likes and comments on my posts. All I can take out of this is: irregular posting-schedule; badly written posts; bad socialization on other sites; boring topics; crappy tagging.

A couple of weeks ago I began a Pages-document clearing out the questions I had of what I wanted to do with my blog, what to write about and how to categorize them and so forth. As I have a wish to blog fairly regularly my thought process is: I need to write posts, have time to edit them before publish and plan ahead.

Of course this posts is just as much as unedited as many other posts I have or have had on my blog. This is just a spontaneous thing without effort.


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