Scheduling Tweets with Hootsuite

Lately I’ve been getting up really early to get some writing done before work (start at 6 am) and while I’m doing so I usually have a podcast – most preferable Philosophize This – but occasionally the Twitch-stream Morning Coffee with Barnacules, which I did today. While doing so he mentioned a service giving you the ability to schedule Tweets for Twitter, something I’ve been interested in but never really looked into. Well, he mentioned the service Hootsuite so I went over there to sign up and try it out and at first glance it looks really nice and it’s very simple to get going.

Now, I have once again begun thinking of the old idea of mine to publish a story series on Twitter. Heck, I can now write a bunch of tweets and schedule them to get some kind of consistency in the publishing of them. And with Twitter now supporting 280 characters it’s getting easier for the idea to become a reality.

You can connect other social medias to Hootsuite, like Instagram. I have not yet tried that one out but it seems like you can add images directly from you computer. No need for uploading to the phone… I can probably connect WordPress also but I have no need for that since it has its own built in scheduling thing.

Yea, it seems like a cool software that I can get used to using on a regular basis.


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