Review: I Can Spin A Rainbow by Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel

I’ve been a silent fan of Amanda Palmer for a while, probably since about 2008 where I was introduced to her music (Dresden Dolls) through a friend while studying at the University. I got hooked immediately and when I later found out she was a good person also, a kind women who really connects with her fans I got even more of a fan. Still in silence. I am not the one to shout out stuff like that.

A few weeks ago I got her album – which is co-composed with Edward Ka-Spel – I Can Spin A Rainbow. Yea, I did order the signed one 🙂

My first impression was “wow, this is really different” and reminded me of the first time I heard the album Evelyn Evelyn. Anyhow, I Can Spin A Rainbow is interesting and I am not really sure what the album tries to tell. My guess is a women having a child and becoming a mother? Maybe that’s because she fairly recently became one. But there’s something more to it, something I can not put my finger on or put into words. It’s intriguing and I can’t get enough of it, listening to it over and over again and when I am at work I have it on my mp3-player (yes, I still use one of those).

So what does it sound like? Slow. Almost melancholy. With a wide collection of instruments such as the given piano, drums and strings and what not. Amandas unique voice with the equally unique of Edward is a perfect match. To my ears, this is a perfectly brilliant written and composed album from start to finish. In some ways, even though completely different styles of music, it also reminds me of when I discovered In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel and how I could not stop listen to it. I probably went trough that one a hundred times before I changed music. And now the same seems to be happening with I Can Spin A Rainbow. (when writing 55+ play troughs in addition to the times at work)

If you like story driven albums, this one is definitely one to take a listen to.


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