Polyphasic Sleep Pattern – Beginning Day 2

Yesterday, or Sunday evening/night to Monday, I decided to give Polyphasic Sleep a try, going with something called Everyman. My sleep will consist of 4 hours sleep and 2 naps of 25 minutes per day.

Yesterday was tough and I was super tired at work and when I got home and to bed, as planned, I fell asleep immediately. The bad thing, I slept for more than my 4 hours so now I have skipped my first nap which was supposed to be at 11:30 pm. (it’s now 1.30 am). I guess this has to do with the rough start of this sleep-system. Today when I get home from work I believe I will be less tired and still fall asleep once back in bed. And I have high hopes that I will manage to sleep my goal of 4 hours this time around.

In a couple of hours I have my second nap for the day before I head off to work.

Check my initial post: Polyphasic Sleep Pattern


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