Polyphasic Sleep Pattern – Update 3.0

A while ago I went headfirst into the ideas behind Polyphasic Sleep and thought that it could be of great help as I have had-and still have-troubles with my sleeping; mainly I sleep to much.

After I had taken a look into the many different variations of this sleep-system I decided to give the Everyman a try, with a small modification to suit my work schedule. Said and done I went for it. I did fail with a massive sleep five days in; missed a complete workday and completely messed up the continuation of this sleeping schedule.

So what happened after that catastrophic failure? Well, I got in touch with the healthcare service through work and now, after the “initial talk” I will be seeing a doctor to take some basic tests to rule out any kind of low nutrition, minerals, vitamins or whatever. After that, who knows… I was told that I might be sent to a specialist, a psychiatrist of some sort to really get down into the deep with my sleep problems.

As it stands. Everything is going fine until one day-seemingly random-I fall asleep for twenty-four hours or more. My guess is stress-related issues that I am not aware of as of yet. We’ll see how things pans out. It would be lovely to get a hold of my sleeping and get rid of those super long sleeps.

So for now I will continue my life as if everything is fine. Sleep like a “normal” person and just hope I can find the “problem” with help from doctors and the likes.


2 thoughts on “Polyphasic Sleep Pattern – Update 3.0”

  1. Is polyphasic something like 4 hours sleep, then another 4 hours at a later period?
    Hope you get to the bottom of the issue.

    Sleep is such a mysterious beast. Sometimes perfect, often too short, rarely too long and even if it is sleeping too long is bad too so they say…confusing stuff.


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