Mega Novel Project

Some of you who have been following this blog for a while might be familiar with my story series by the name The Gardener. It’s still in the works, and as far as I know it will be so for the time being.

Here’s the “problem”: It’s to big and what I write in the opening chapters echoes in the ending of the entire story. So I always goes back and forth “fixing” little things here and there, planning and doing story layout and so forth. What’s even more “problematic” is that I have, by accident or not, intertwined The Gardener with another somewhat large story of mine, a story that will for the time being remain unnamed as I am not ready to reveal its title. But this merging of the two stories opened up for a third.

What I have ended up with is three novel series where each of which will consist of – if the story line stays as it is now – 10 novels at about 1000 pages each. This makes me feel like I am getting nowhere…

There’s a lot more to this but which I like to keep somewhat close to my chest as for now. But I fear that nothing of what I write today can or will be attempted to get published until the rough draft of the final chapter has been written. That will be, if I make sure to write on a daily basis, 30 years in the future with my current writing speed.

I’m going to die before I am done with this shit!

The positive thing is that I have a fairly decent organisation around my scripts, notes and time-line. Scrivener is perfect for this large work and since a few weeks ago I bought Aeon Timeline which helps me a lot when it comes to keep track of when the different event is happening.


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